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Xibalba is a really cool story about a girl who wakes up in the desert, and with the assistance of a figment of her imagination, attempts to find her way out.

She runs into another figment that has an ominous message for her, and she makes a decision on which one to believe - it's a really cool read and I can't

wait to find out what happens in it!

A story that features just as much weirdness and interdimensionality (actually probably a lot more!)

There's some Lovecraft references abounds, here, and more characters than you can shake a stick at, and the plot is building up

to some craziness - I have no idea where it's gonna go next.

Piper's Song is just rad.

There's a great foreshadowing event at the very start of the comic that's super moody and really gets you interested from the get go,

then the story focuses on a little girl named Piper who, known to us but unbeknownst to her, is quite special.

I'm thrilled to see more!

Irongate ups the ante in terms of webcomics - like a traditional comic comic, they have a writer, artist and colorist that work together to create a really cool end result!

It deals with lovecraftian themes, has very consistent and top notch art, a non-traditional main character with a cool team of misfits from various mythos.

Do them, and yourself a favor, go check it out!


The title is a pun.  The jokes are puns.  The characters are ANIMALS.  The art is CUTE.  YOU MUST LOOK.

Seriously, I love this comic, you guys.

It's okay. You can't win all the time.

Thank you.

A very intriguing fantasy world with gorgeous art - also a cast of mainly women!

There is the potential for it to get NSFW, be forewarned.

A sci-fi fantasy adventure focused on a child's perspective - the art and  composition here is very professional.

A neat modern-fantasy (I like fantasy apparently!) story with modern tech vs. magic, also with fantastic art!

Nightlight is a supernatural modern-day story that features an adorable monster as a lead, so I'm automatically drawn to it. The author is a true dude and is very supportive, and their art shows constant growth and improvement!


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